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Satan is working behind the scenes to bring about a global government and one world religion. Part of his plan is to convince Christians to turn in their King James Bibles for "new and improved" versions that have been systematically corrupted to advance a New World Order. Once God's people have been disarmed of their spiritual weapon, they will be powerless to stand against it.

This compelling documentary explores the rich textual history of the King James Bible and exposes the corrupt origins of the modern versions. Find out why the King James Bible is consistent with all previous English translations, while the modern versions are all dramatically different. The changes being made in the modern versions are not incidental. They are part of a satanic agenda to undermine key Biblical teachings and prepare the population for an all-inclusive one world religion.



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The Authorized King James Version of the Holy Bible is God’s providentially appointed Word for the whole world which reveals the name of the Father as “Jehovah,” and the name of His Son, “Jesus,” in Whom there is salvation, and the name of the “Holy Ghost,” Who indwells every born-again Christian believer.


The standard text of the Cambridge Edition of the King James Bible has been published on this website. You are free to download this definitive electronic text of the King James Bible (KJB). The actual King James Bible text of the Cambridge Edition (PCE) has been presented free of any typographical error, and is completely correct. It is scrupulously exact in typesetting right down to the italics and punctuation.


This precise edition of the King James Bible is wholly based on the received traditional text as was published by Cambridge University Press and by Collins publishers. God's Word is necessary for true salvation. The English Bible has been providentially raised up by God for a great dissemination of the true Gospel.


The Cambridge Edition (first published circa 1900) is the product of the process of textual editing that has occurred since 1611 when the Authorized Version was completed. Please note that there've been no revisions of the Bible since the authorized 1611 King James Bible was first released, only editions (such as spelling standardization). There is nothing wrong with the unedited Authorized 1611 King James Bible. It contains no errors. The standardization of English words does not mean that there are any errors in the original work.


Some people refer to the Cambridge Edition as the “Pure Cambridge Edition,” but the word “pure” is improper, because the Words of the Lord are pure (Psalm 12:6-8). To refer to the Cambridge Edition as “pure” implies the the Authorized 1611 King James Bible is less pure or impure. Nothing could be further from the truth. The Authorized 1611 King James Version is pure, because God's Word is pure and the actual translation of the King James Bible has NOT been revised since 1611. So I deliberately refrain from using the word “pure” in reference to any particular edition of the King James Bible, because the original Authorized 1611 King James Bible is as 100% pure as the Cambridge Edition. My intent here is not to diminish the impeccable quality of the Cambridge Edition; but rather, to uphold the integrity, purity, inspiration and inerrancy of the Authorized 1611 Edition.


Also note that the “original” autographs of the Scriptures were in Heaven before God ever spoke the universe into existence. Psalm 119:89, "For ever, O LORD, Thy word is settled in heaven." Thus, the originals do not exist in Greek, Hebrew and Aramaic; but rather, in Heaven where they are settled forever. Before God ever created mankind, the last Word of Revelation was already recorded in Heaven. God's Words are inspired in any language. Don't let anyone discourage you by falsely claiming that the Authorized 1611 King James Bible is less than perfect. It is more than a masterpiece, or the best translation, it is God's perfect and inspired Word! The Cambridge Edition is simply a standardized English copy of God's perfect Word, which He wondrously gave to us in 1611.


The King James Bible is inspired and preserved. God's Word is inspired into whatever language it is translated. God never promised to inspire a language; but rather, His Words (Psalm 12:6-8). The Words of the Lord are pure. Those pseudo-scholars today who claim that only the Greek, Hebrew and Aramaic are inspired are WRONG, because God's Word is inspired in English or any other language it is translated into. God's Words were given by inspiration. God promised to preserve those inspired Words and they will always be inspired. A man who teaches that the King James Bible is not inspired is a liar.


The following downloadable files of the Holy Bible are presented for any use, including all forms of further publishing. Use this text as the definitive standard.


The following file can be viewed by most text programs:


King James Bible: Cambridge Edition: Rich Text Format (6.30 MB)


The following file requires a pdf reading program:


King James Bible: Cambridge Edition: PDF (5.85 MB)


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